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As a fairly new line we understand that we are up against some amazing brands that have spent years building their line and reputation. As makeup artists we have so many options. We spend countless time and money putting things in our makeup kits and taking them out. The items that pass the test and make it on the list of must-haves for a kit are very important to an artist. They wear our stamp of approval and are trusted to exceed our client’s expectations.

But don’t take our word for it. We chatted with Artist, Educator/Owner Loli Romo of Makeup City and asked her what her thoughts were. We were thrilled to hear what she had to say and think that you will be as well!


Poise Makeup: Tell us a little about yourself and your background in the makeup industry? 

Loli:  I've been in the industry for 18 years now.  I started off on a counter & worked my way up from there. I've been fortunate enough to have learned from legends in the industry such as the Wolfe Brothers, Ve Neil & Alex Box. I have always had a passion for learning and was never satisfied with topical information, I needed facts, proof, ingredients & so on ... As years passed, I was picked up by an Agency and then the Union. I continue to work onset when time permits. 

My passion for learning turned into a passion for teaching & educating the up and coming artist with an Arsenal of information that would help catapult them in the right direction. Along with being a Full time MUA & Educator; I am also a mortician with my Mortuary Science Degree. I specialize in Bone reconstruction and Decomposing Bodies - hahahaha gross, I know ... But I Love it! 

At times I will be on set for Bravo TV and that same night be in the mortuary embalming a body. Many people don't understand the connection these careers have but if you're an artist then you know how important bone structure is regardless if they are dead or Alive. 


Poise Makeup: Having so much knowledge when it comes to ingredients - what do you look for in a product? 

Loli: The first thing I look for is durability, I have a job to do and my focus is doing it well and if my product is not up to par then I can't do my job. 

Ingredients play a MAJOR role in how I choose products for my kit. My clients are choosing me to be their personal artist and I don't take that lightly. So knowing what is in your kit via ingredients will allow you to serve them more efficiently. 


Poise Makeup: Poise Makeup is a fairly new line, what sets it apart from other brands? 

Loli: Even though Poise is a newer line, it has proven to be a thoughtful line. It's very obvious when you are working with the product that time and thought went into every aspect of the line. Whether you are a Professional MUA or a businesswoman on the go, it's built with longevity in mind. The simplicity of use and ingredients alone speak for itself. There are very few lines out there that are taking the time to build core products with nourishing ingredients that perform for professional and personal use. 


Poise Makeup: How has it changed your makeup kit? 

Loli: As a professional you are always on the hunt for simplicity, and with Poise it has allowed me to tailor my kit significantly. 

The product itself works so well with other brands that it only adds to the ease of applications versus other brands that are geared only to work with their line. 

I find that it has helped eliminate the waste of product, because the ingredients are top notch I don't need to use much - very little goes a long way! That has not only been a life saver for me but also for my students. They are satisfied with Poise and don't feel the need to continually search for better. They are able to focus more on the building of their hand instead of the constant building of their kit. 

As a artist myself for more than 11 years I speak from experience when I say, "Do your research and listen to the pros in the business." Professional recommendations will save you time and effort. We want to make sure we are providing you with more than a website full of product, but also a place where you can gain expert advice and knowledge. We hope this helped you even a little. 

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Today and every day, may you carry yourself with elegance and POISE!


Poise Makeup Team

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