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2016 Spring Makeup Trends: "Do's and Don'ts"

2016 Spring Makeup Trends: "Do's and Don'ts"

Raise your hand if you're over the extreme highlight and contour and ready to see some skin again! Well, so are we!

We are so excited for 2016’s makeup trends because they are bringing us a breath of fresh air with touchable glowing skin and bold statement colors. Recently, we’ve been seeing jaw-dropping looks and images come through our social media feed and it has been too good not to share with you!

As artists we are always looking for ways to feed our creativity, but we absolutely live for beautifully done timeless makeup. The runways this year fed into all those needs. From gorgeous sun-kissed skin, dewiness that looked like it had come from dancing all night with your best gals, to candy apple lips and cobalt blue lids, it was the perfect balance of natural and edgy. What we love about these looks are that they are universally flattering. Any skin tone, type and texture can make these trends their own, and achieving the looks are simple.

Let’s take a second to talk about skin and how to create that glowing dewy finish. Most people are typically concerned about shine, but this look is all about a little shine or the friendlier term “glow” - it translates to healthy and hydrated skin. So for normal to combination skin consider skipping your setting powder,  and for oily skin lightly set your problematic areas. Adding essential oils to your existing crème foundation like our HD Crème Foundation is the perfect way to get that gorgeous runway dew. Top it off with a gorgeous coral cheek color and bronzer just around the hairline and temples and you're ready to hit the streets runway-ready! 

Now that we’ve figured out that we don’t actually have to go dancing all night with our girls and we can sleep in, let’s take a step back and just bask in the thought of wearing a candy apple red lip and cobalt blue eye… not at the same time, or maybe so? I mean as long as you know the rules why not break them. But for the sake of those who may be jumping out of your comfort zone with just one of those options, let's keep the focus to just one. Candy apple red lips just make our hearts happy, and who doesn’t want to feel happy. Not only does the undertone compliment a wide range of skin tones, it really is a statement color and can easily go from day to night. Switch things up and go for the next popular lip color which is the beautiful vampy Berry. Another color made for pretty much everyone. Try it, we are 100% you’ll love it! Give yourself options and check out our gorgeous Lip and Cheek Duo Pro Palette, create and customize the perfect red and berry for your skin tone!

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget about the beautiful blue eyeliner! It pairs perfectly with our newfound foundation routine, and if you're feeling bold and patriotic, throw on a red lip! But in all seriousness as much as blue can be fun and playful, it can also be a refreshing change from your everyday black liner or even as a wash of color across the lid. Somewhere in our makeup bag all the way down at the bottom is that blue eye shadow that we just never knew what to do with - here is its chance to shine! Plus 90% of today’s eye shadows can be used wet or dry so play with the options. If your looking for a safer way to wear blue that doesn’t scream “Dodger Baseball!!” (yes that is the reference) try using a blue like Azul from our mineral pressed eye colors; It’s full of pigment and can be used wet or dry.

Did I forget all the don'ts? Here they are… DON’T be afraid to give these trends a try and DON’T hesitate to step out of your everyday routine. Makeup is a accessory and should never be a burden. Remember ladies and gents, in the end if worst comes to worst, grab some makeup remover and start again!


Poise Makeup Team

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