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We’ve Got You Covered!

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We’ve got you Covered… NO, LITERALLY…

Every shade for every skin tone has always been a goal here at Poise Makeup Professional.

We believe beauty is limitless so why put limits on who can wear our foundation. We created a product that allowed everyone to confidently find their perfect shade, based on undertone and skin tone for all ethnicities. This has given us the ability to meet and build relationships with many artists and customers.

Time and time again, we hear in the industry of models feeling left out of the loop when it comes to artists having products that suit their needs. A seasoned artist can turn to experience to utilize their kit to create and develop a shade and get through any client with confidence, but what about everyday women? What about a beginning artist? What about those individuals who have yet to develop their skills and technique?

For those individuals, it’s all about utilizing existing products that can go from point A to point B with confidence. And for those folks we’ve got you covered!

What it comes down to is finding a shade and tone that will work for you and look the most natural.

Poise gives you the option of flexible coverage - sheer to full - with the right finish and shade that is perfect for you. Our creamy formulation covers everything from acne and fine lines to hyper-pigmentation.

Infused with coconut oil, jojoba oil, and green tea extracts that hydrate and soothe the skin; Loaded with nutrients such as rosemary and honeysuckle for added benefits. Most importantly we are paraben and talc free!

Did we mention, we’re proud to be one of Dermascope’s Aestheticians’ Choice 2016 Best Foundation? Just tooting our horn a little bit. Toot Toot!

Take a look at our popular HD Creme Foundation. Try it and find out why it's an artist's must-have!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more expert advice. Today and everyday may you carry yourself with elegance and POISE!


Poise Makeup Team

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