Actually… You “Can” Wear that this Summer


Summer is the season of festivals, poolside events and long sun-filled days. With so many reasons to get ready, whether casual or black tie, why limit the possibilities? We believe that summer looks are not just about bronzed skin and glowing highlight, but an endless pool of opportunities. Drawing inspiration from the whole year, we have collected 3 looks that you “can” wear this summer.

Burgundy Bombshell

Getting ready for a sunset barbecue? Go ahead and keep the skin fresh and dewy, add a few coats of mascara and let the lips be the star of the show. Bring in the fireworks using a deep burgundy lipstick topped with a high gloss. A bold sleek lip will create a youthful, but edgy appearance. Pairing reflective sunglasses with your perfected pout will insure a transcending look.

Love Your Shape

Speaking of sunglasses, how would our shades look without our natural frames? Even on those no-makeup days, brows play a key role in a perfect sunglass selfie. First apply your favorite sun protection and foundation as you normally would. Using a cream based pomade, shape your brows starting at the arch. Fill in any sparse areas with a matching shadow and use what is left on the brush to lightly fill the front of the brow. To further define, use a concealer a couple shades lighter than your foundation and clean up the area around the brow. Now your statement brows are camera ready.

This Wing’s a Breeze

Summer isn’t just about casual outings, but also formal events. Take your friend’s wedding, for example. You have decided on an elegant outfit, but you don’t want to do an everyday makeup look. Try a sharp dark winged smokey eye. Keeping the lips a complimentary nude shade and have the eyes be the focus. Using a black crème base, coat the entire top lid and start creating the wing on the outer corner. Top the base with a black eyeshadow and make sure to blend the edges with a warm transitional shade to create a soft and clean effect. You will be turning heads with your sultry summer look. 

Remember that your creativity isn’t derived by seasonal trends. Be bold and try out these looks!


Poise Makeup Team

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