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Get Starstruck with Color at our next Hands On Makeup Workshop!

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Avant Garde is a very unique style. It is bold, colorful, and is imaginative! This style is one that pushes boundaries. Avant Garde can be seen as intimidating, at times, but relatable.

Our Starstruck With Color Hands On Workshop on Saturday, March 3rd will teach you how to break through and express yourself in an "unusual" way.

Kelly Jurado, the instructor for this demo, specializes in this art form. Kelly uses her makeup artistry in a way that has become her second voice. She uses her bold creations to showcase feeling and movement. Make sure to look for her Makeup Artist of the Month Blog coming on February 1st! You'll learn more about her journey, big moments in her career, as well as advice for those who are thinking about joining the makeup industry as a career.

Kelly Jurado with a colorful glam look (left) and a vibrant avant garde look (right)

We here at Poise Makeup Professional look forward to seeing you at Starstruck With Color! Seats are VERY limited, so make sure to reserve your seat by February 27th, 2018!


Poise Makeup Team

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