Demos at Fullerton College & Cerritos College

We made our way to Fullerton and Cerritos this week! We first met with the amazing ladies in the Cosmetology Program at Fullerton College. We felt honored because this was also the day of their Hair Show. We saw doll heads, placed across the room, with intricate designs, beautiful stylings and glammed up faces to match their creations. Passion is what leads this artistic community and we love to see these passions come to life! With this talented group we highlighted on fundamentals when using creme based products focusing on preparation, tools and finishing.

We started off Wednesday morning with the lovely esthetics students at Cerritos College. It began as a party with an interactive icebreaker! After getting the blood flooding, we dove into makeup focusing on color correction using our HD Creme Foundation and Corrector Palette. See the image below of our beautiful models from our class where we demonstrated the differences in products when color correcting on various skin tones. 

Aside from education on application and product knowledge, we also like to advise students of resources out in the industry and to emphasize the importance of networking. Jumping into the artistic industry is a not cookie-cutter path and we want to share that insight and become the bridge from students to professionals. 

We love meeting all of you this week! Thank you to the schools for having us and making us a part of your creative journey!


Poise Makeup Team

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