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Face Charts, Sketches, Oh My!

Face Charts, Sketches, Oh My!

Everyone knows that in order to get better at something, you have to practice! But other than painting on a face, how do you practice? We love, and recommend, face charts and sketching!

Face Charts!

Face charts bring up one of two emotions. Joy or Fear. If you tend to be more on the fearful side, maybe this will help. We took the time to sit down with one of our Pro Makeup Artists, Richard Espinoza, and see what he loves about face charts!

"When I am telling my students about Face Charts, I always want them to know that they shouldn't be intimidated! Face Charts are another branch of your art. Always use Face Charts as a guideline. Guidelines for photoshoots, for clients - ESPECIALLY for Bridal Trials! You can create a look, make notes, and just really solidify your plan.

I personally love doing Face Charts because it is another outlet. I express myself through art, and Face Charts are a great channel to use"

Created by Richard Espinoza.

Face charts are a wonderful tool for so many reasons! Each chart is full of possibilities! It helps you actually paint out your look so that you can see whether the colors flow, the style matches what is in your mind, and gives you practice before you apply on a person.

Created by Richard Espinoza.

 Another skill that you learn when doing face charts is how to bring multi dimensions to a flat surface.


Sketching is a wonderful technique that you can use for ANY artistic media! Sketching out a design helps your imagination come to life. Not only will you be able to see more than just the makeup at this point, but you can plan out the hair and wardrobe as well. 

Another benefit to sketching out a look is that it helps you learn to create shapes free hand. Think brows for this! No brow is the same. Our goals is to create "sisters, not twins"...but what if a person's brows look completely different? What if a person doesn't have brows? Practicing sketching out different brow shapes will help you face that challenge with ease!

Created by Richard Espinoza.

Overall, face charts are a great tool. At first, they can be intimidating, but what new thing isn't? Just remember, "Practice Makes Perfect"!


Poise Makeup Team


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