Harley Quinn Hands On Workshop

Educator Richard Espinoza and Model Danielle Dubinsky

Harley Quinn hands on workshop was filled with CREATIVE fun!

Our morning started with an icebreaker to relax any nerves and make everyone feel open and welcomed to our Studio. We introduced the Poise Makeup Professional Team! Our Educator, Richard Espinoza began the workshop with an easy going sit down session with his audience. Richard has a way of making you feel comfortable and as if you’ve known him for years!

Danielle Dubinskly our fabulous model stepped on to the scene ready to be transformed Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn! 

Richard Espinoza's Face Chart of Harley Quinn

Richard went through step by step details using Poise Makeup Professional and giving product knowledge about Poise and why he was using the products he had chosen. For Harley's vibrant eye colors, Richard used Lion's Heart from the Lip & Cheek Palette topped with Mineral Pressed Cheek Color in Hollywood and for the perfect blue hue, he mixed Navy and Highlight from the HD Creme Multitasking Palette and finished with Mineral Pressed Eye Color in Azul. After his demo we then turned it to the workshop attendees to recreate the look utilizing the knowledge they had just gained. The workshop attendees did an AMAZING job!

Attendees and their models

It was lovely to see such talented creative artists in one space. It is our purpose to create an environment where professionals, customers and students can connect.

Thank you to those of you who attended, it was pleasure meeting you! We look forward to many many more workshops and we hope we meet you soon!


Poise Makeup Team

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