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"How Do I Make a Pro Artist Makeup Kit?!"

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Now that you know how to get in to the makeup industry, it is time to build your kit! We know that starting out, funds may be a bit tight. Just remember, what you put in to your kit is an investment. Also, always remember that your clients are paying attention to what you use. When putting makeup in to your kit, remember what you will be charging clients for each job. If you pull out a makeup palette that costs $30, but are charging $200, your client will begin to wonder why they aren't doing their own makeup. 


"What is in the makeup I am buying?"

It is SO important to know what is in your makeup. Your client will be wearing this application anywhere from one hour, to a full day. You don't want to put anything on their skin that is bad for them, right? 

You also want to be confident that the makeup you are using is right for the job! If you are doing a job where it has VERY specific requirements (think bridal, water shoots, theater, etc), and your makeup NEEDS to hold up for a long period of time...will it? Is your actor going to be able to cry or sweat off the makeup? Things to think about.

Poise Makeup Professional prides itself on being botanical derived, meaning we work with a lot of plant based ingredients, and knowing how our product works. We have our list of ingredients that you can view here.


"Will my makeup effect someone who has sensitive skin or allergies?"

Nothing is worse than getting to a job and finding out your client isn't able to wear the makeup in your kit. When building your makeup kit, always try to find things that have no odor, and are made for sensitive skin. Also be conscious of common allergies people have. You NEVER know what will affect a person. Each face is different, so being prepared is crucial. Look into products that line up with your preferences. 

You don't need to know every single ingredient in your products, but make sure you know the main ones. ALWAYS take time to read ingredients on any makeup you buy. Also make sure to read any warnings. You don't want to put something on your client's eyes if it isn't eye safe, for example.


"Will the makeup I am using cause flashback in photos or on screen?"

What is flashback? Do you know those pictures that have gone around on Instagram and Facebook? You know the ones. The person wearing the makeup looks SUPER pale, the neck is usually a normal skin color. THAT is flashback. What happens is that light (whether from a camera, a light, or the sunshine) reflects and bounces off of the makeup. Instead of seeing skin, or the makeup finish, you get a glare coming from the light. The two biggest factors for flashback are due to SPF and Silica. 

Poise Makeup Professional's products do not contain these things, but instead contain silicone. It helps in diffusing light, is safe to wear on the skin, and leaves a BEAUTIFUL finish that looks amazing on camera.


"What is my budget?"

Plan a realistic budget! Remember that you don't need to be fancy. Get creative and crafty! When purchasing a physical kit case, many artists start with a cute suitcase or a small makeup case from places like Walmart or Target. Make sure that you have the proper packaging and dividers, and you'd be surprised at what you can do!

When buying makeup, remember that it is an investment. If you have a small budget, think about the makeup components that are important to you in making a good makeup. Is it foundation? Is it the eyes? Is it the lips? Start out focusing on one of those features. Also, don't be afraid to buy things little by little. For your first trip to the makeup store, invest in a really good foundation. Second trip, invest in that eye palette that caught your attention. Before you know it, you'll have quality over quantity. 

Here at Poise Makeup, we understand budget. That's why we have our Student and Pro Discounts. We know how important it is to have quality, but not break the bank. We want to help you become the best makeup artist that you can be, and this is one way that we try to encourage you. By signing up for our discount, you are able to apply it to ALL PRODUCTS online and in store. Another great thing about Poise products is that our palettes are magnetic!! Meaning that you don't have to buy a new palette if you hit pan on a color. You just buy a refill.

Most importantly, buy what you know you are going to use. When you are looking at your kit, nothing hurts more than looking at that $120 palette that you NEVER use...just sitting there. 

What Poise Makeup Professional products should I invest in?

That is a great question! Before we tell you which products are great for a professional makeup kit, let's tell you WHY they are great for a pro kit. Poise Makeup is a botanical derived makeup line. What does that mean? It means that we offer many ingredients that are plant based. We have things like Vitamin C, Rosemary, Jojoba Oil, and Coconut Oil. Instead of the oils fighting against each other, they work together with our bodies NATURAL oils! How cool is that? So, if you have a skin type that is oily, our products will help balance out the oils, instead of enhancing them.

Now to the kit items!

Pictured is the HD Creme Foundation Pro Palette.

Our HD Creme Foundation is a must have staple in your professional kit. Because it is HD, it is created to give a beautiful skin finish even when on camera for a TV show. Why is that important? Cameras now a days focus on every little detail. They pick out each imperfection in ways that have NEVER been caught on film. Think about a movie you have recently seen at the theaters. Think about Blu Ray and Ultra 4K. You can see EVERYTHING!! Trust us, makeup artists are working harder now to keep up with these advances. So stay ahead of the curve with foundation created just for that! You can also CUSTOM MATCH your client's foundation!

Pictured is the HD Creme Lip and Cheek Pro Palette.

Our HD Creme Lip and Cheek Pro Palette. This palette is wonderful because of it's multi-use! For those who have not used a creme blush before, it gives the illusion that the product is coming from within! Instead of the creme looking like it is sitting on top of the skin, it looks like it is PART of the skin. You can also use it as a lipstick color. Because all of our cremes are blendable, it means that you can custom match a lip color as well!

Pictured is the HD Creme Multitasking Pro Palette.

The HD Creme Multitasking Pro Palette is a makeup artist lifesaver!! This palette does exactly what it says, it multitasks! You can use this palette to mix in with your foundation to make it lighter or darker, use it for highlight and contour, for eyebrows, an eyeshadow base, and much more. Instead of having 50 different products in your kit, this one palette has it all. Something you will learn the longer you are in the industry is this: The more simple your kit, the faster you work. You won't need to look around for multiple products, keep track of them, or figure out how to bring them with you to wherever you may be doing makeup next.

These three palettes and you can do a full face!! 

Please feel free to reach out to us with ANY questions you may have! We love connecting with our community, educating, and encouraging. We hope that you bring us along on your makeup journey.


Poise Makeup Team

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  • I absolutely LOVE having Poise Makeup in my kit. I use the HD Creme Foundation and Multitasking Palette on every job. The Multitasking Palette has saved me in some really tricky situations SEVERAL times!

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