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How To Do A Full Face With 5 Products!

Makeup can be such a fun art form! However, it can be sort of intimidating at times as well. Many people assume that, to get the perfect look, you need to use a bunch of different products. We want to let you know, that isn't the case. We here at Poise Makeup Professional are going to show you how to do a Full Face of Makeup with only 5 PRODUCTS!! Does that sound impossible? We promise it isn't.

How do I even begin!?

What kind of makeup look should I do? First things first! Stay true to who you are. When you feel confident, you LOOK confident. Are you someone that loves to rock a bright, bold lip? Are you someone who loves the natural look? There is no wrong answer! Makeup is a way to express yourself, to show who you are. Once you identify your style, the sky is the limit! Most importantly, you'll know what kind of products to look for.

Here are the five makeup products that will have you feeling confident, no matter the look!

HD Creme Foundation Duo in Euro


The amazing thing about our foundation duos is that you can do foundation, highlight, and contour with this compact! We have four duos that you can choose from : Cool, Euro, Warm, and Dark. In each compact you have the lightest and darkest shade from the HD Creme Foundation Pro Palettes in each of those shades. This means you can use each color by itself, combine them, or layer them. Not sure what shade you are? Come in to our studio so that one of our team members can help color match you and teach you the best way this compact would work for you!


We gave you two options for a reason, are you wanting a natural lip or a bold lip? Our Hydrating Luxe Lipstick in Fling is the PERFECT shade for a more natural lip. Wanting a bolder look? Go for our Liquid Matte in Vino! Our formulas are long lasting, and don't dry out your lips. 


This beautiful blush color is perfect because the POP is subtle. Malibu has a nice shimmer to it, that isn't overpowering. Going out during the day? The color looks natural, but when the light hits just right you have a nice dewy look. Going out at night? Apply a little more for a nice rosy color and keep that dewy look.

HD Creme Multitasking Compact in Taupe


Our HD Creme Multitasking Palette is WONDERFUL for so many reasons, but let's say that you are wanting to only do your brows. Come in to our studio so that we can match you perfectly. The beauty of the HD Creme Multitasking Compact is that you can still use it for brows and an eyeshadow base, depending on the color and look you are going for.  

 EYES : Mascara

Our Mascara in Black is the perfect product to bring your look together! Show off your eyelashes with our LIGHT WEIGHT, SMUDGE RESISTANT mascara! Not only is it smudge resistant, but it stands up to humidity as well! Have that long lasting, beautiful look with you all day.

The key to any successful makeup is color matching. It is so important to find foundation colors that look natural on you. The colors that we listed above come in MULTIPLE colors and shades. We would love to help you find the perfect color for you! Feel free to come in and get color matched! If you aren't local to Los Angeles, look through our website and let us know if you have any questions about a particular product!

We can't wait to see your makeup looks with these products! Tag us on our social media platforms, like our Instagram and Facebook pages, so that we can see your creativity!


Poise Makeup Team

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