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INSIDE | Foundation Methods Workshop

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Foundation Methods Hands On Workshop with Loli Romo at Poise Makeup Professional Los Angeles Studio

Sunday, June 25th, the Poise Makeup Professional Studio was filled with excitement from beginning artists, who did their very first makeup application, to Professional Artists for our FOUNDATION METHODS Hands On Workshop. We had Senior Artist and Global Educator, Loli Romo under our studio roof and we were thrilled to see what tricks and tips she would showcase during her demonstrations! Our Foundation Methods Workshop focused on how to utilize our HD Creme formula to color match, build coverage for corrective makeup and create different finishes. 

Senior Artist and Global Educator, Loli Romo during her makeup demonstration on Model, Anita Galler

Let's do a quick BREAKDOWN of Loli's techniques from Sunday's workshop:

  • Hold up your Pro Palette to choose a few shades. These shades will help you create your client's highlight, contour, and base shade. 
  • Warm up the creme before application, either on your mixing palette or the back of your clean hands. This will break down the botanical ingredients in the creme to release the vitamins and ease blending.
  • Focus on the bone structure. The lighting will show you where the natural shadows and high points of the face are. If you can't see them, feel for them!
  • When applying the shade or "contour" to the cheekbones, imagine a line above the upper lip. Keep the contour above that "line" for a feminine shape. 
  • Use a dense, soft-bristled brush like #202 Pro Foundation Brush to apply and blend using circular motions. 
  • HD Creme Foundation alone has a velvet-matte finish, but if you want to create a dewy finish: add a carrier oil or moisturizer. Her favorite is Hydra-Mat Emulsion from Embryolisse
  • She combines both the moisturizer and foundation together to create the desired look. With a higher amount of moisturizer, the coverage will become more sheer. 

Anita Galler (LEFT) is modeling a sheer dewy look and Kassy Rocha (RIGHT) is modeling a full coverage matte look. Work by Loli Romo. 

Thank you to Loli Romo for sharing your insights and perspective on makeup artistry! A huge thank you to everyone who joined us! We love to bring the artist community together, share knowledge and to continue to spread the inspiration to create! 

If you missed this workshop, don't worry! There are workshops throughout the year. Keep up to date by signing up for our newsletter! You will be the first to know about upcoming events and special deals!

Group shots from Sunday's workshop

Learn more about Loli Romo: 
Website | www.loliromo.com
Instagram | @lolidotk

Thank you for making us a part of your creative journey!

Poise Makeup Team

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