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Makeup Artist of the Month | Devon Taylor

Devon Taylor Makeup Artist of the Month blog photo

 Pictured above is our Makeup Artist of the Month, Devon Taylor!

We have mentioned it before, but one of our absolute favorite things to learn about an artist is their journey! Their journey that led them to the makeup industry, what kind of makeup they love to do, and what their goals are. We had the pleasure of speaking with Devon Taylor, who often would chuckle at just how she entered in to this industry. We cannot wait to share her story!

Poise Makeup Professional : What inspired you to begin working in the beauty industry?

Devon : I can't help but to laugh any time that I am asked that question. Special Effects is where everything started. When I first started out, I was TERRIFIED of beauty makeup! I am not totally sure what intimidated me about it, but I do know that until I began this crazy journey, I had only done my own makeup and I would usually fail at doing even that. I would try to do my brows and go, "What is wrong with my face?!" But, a long way to answer your question, I knew that I wanted to do makeup for TV & Film, and I wasn't going to let being scared of beauty makeup stop me!

Poise Makeup Professional : What is your current role in the industry?

Devon : I am fortunate to be part of many aspects of this industry! I am a Freelance Artist in the TV & Film world, with the goal of joining the Local 706 Union; I am the Key Makeup Artist for an awesome photography company, Fifth District Photography; and I am the Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Poise Makeup Professional! I can confidently say that my job is never boring.

Models from Two Management Agency. Photos taken by Fifth District Photography. Makeup and Hair by Devon Taylor.

Poise Makeup Professional : What is your favorite Poise Makeup Professional product and why? How do you like to use it?

Devon : Hands down, the HD Creme Foundation and the HD Creme Multitasking Palette, oh and the Matte Revolution Powder in Coconut! I use all three of those products on EVERY client! The foundation looks absolutely flawless on camera, the Multitasking Palette is my go to for brows and eyeshadow base, and I love that the Coconut powder leaves a matte finish and has ZERO flashback! These three products alone have saved me several times when working on set!

Model, Emily Hall. Photography by Fifth District Photography. Hair and Makeup by Devon Taylor.

Poise Makeup Professional : What is a piece of advice for someone who is interested in the industry?

Devon : Do NOT let fear stand in your way! Whether you are doing Special Effects or Beauty, just remember it is just makeup. Don't get up in your own head and psych yourself out. Did you get some really bad fall out from an eye look you did? No worries, you'll learn tricks to take it off without any trace that it happened. Are your edges bad on a piece? Don't fret, see if you can lift it up and re-glue it! The worst thing you can do is let your inner critic take over. Also, be nice to everyone! That's a good rule in general, but just keep it in mind.

Poise Makeup Professional : What experience, as a makeup artist, has left a big impact on you and why?

Devon : There have been so many experiences that have left me absolutely stunned. One that I really remember, though, is when I got my first feature film. I ran around my apartment screaming and laughing for a good thirty minutes. I could not believe it! That year I had been struggling to find work, because in this field it isn't always steady. I had been hustling, trying to get as much work as possible, but just wasn't sure on how to take the next step. I talked to one of my mentors, and he told me to keep doing what I was doing. That once you stop working, the work stops coming. About a week later I got the text about the feature, and I haven't stopped working since! I am thankful for the talk I had with him, and all of the opportunities that have come my way!


Poise Makeup Professional : So you had said that you started in Special Effects, how did that happen?

Devon : Ever since I was little, monsters and realistic gore have been my life. I would go all out every Halloween, analyze every movie I watched, and more, but I had NO idea that you could do that as a job. I realized that SOMEONE did it, but I kind of just assumed that the actors did it or you had to know someone who knew someone. I was a counselor when I met someone who introduced me to makeup (she actually took me to my first film set as an intern). Once she showed me that, I KNEW that that was what I was meant to do with my life. I would grab my glue, cotton balls, and eyeshadow and make burns, cuts, and bruises. I slowly built up my skills by trying to replicate real injuries. Realistic gore is still one of my all time favorite things to do. I was doing gore makeup about two years before I went and tried to do a smokey eye. So, you know, progress!

Devon has so much passion for the makeup industry, and shared with us many of her goals and dreams she has for herself. Watching her journey, and many others like her, is what makes us here at Poise Makeup glow! We love supporting our Pro Makeup Artists of all levels. 

Devon Taylor will be facilitating our Bump Up The Volume Hands-On Workshop, where she will teach you how to do a natural makeup and then turn it in to a glam look. She shared that "this is a really useful skill set to have, to know how to "bump up" a look, because you will often be asked to do this very quickly on all kinds of sets you work on." For more information on this workshop, click the link!

To see more of Devon's work, as well as the work of those credited in the pictures above, go check out their social media platforms!

Devon Taylor | 



Fifth District Photography |



We love sharing the stories of our Pro Artist community. Learn more about Devon, her favorite tips and tricks, and more at our workshop on August 19, 2018.


Poise Makeup Team

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