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Makeup Artist of the Month | Michelle Bradley

Michelle Bradley Makeup Artist of the Month Blog photo

Michelle Bradley applying makeup on Calaiah Branch

Here at Poise Makeup Professional, we LOVE connecting with our Pro Artists! We love to see how each artist is working, educating, and bettering the community with their talents. This month, we had the pleasure of speaking with Michelle Bradley!

Let's learn more about Michelle!

Makeup & Hair Michelle Bradley | Model Kristanelle Reyes | Photographer Kem West | Studio Poise Makeup Professional

Poise Makeup: What inspired you to begin working in the beauty industry?

Michelle:  I have always been interested in creating really anything since I can remember. It started with Legos and now it's makeup. I grew up watching my mother spend hours doing her hair and makeup and thinking that it looked so artistic. I loved seeing how confident she looked when she was done. I started applying makeup on close friends and family for special occasions, and I remember feeling so happy to see their reactions to the final product. I slowly gained confidence in my artistry through feedback from “clients” in my early years of makeup application. It wasn’t until I was in college that I realized I could be getting paid for my work. So I started to get recommended from friends to do bridal parties. It was perfect because I loved the environment, the style of artistry, and making the party feel beautiful and confident.

After college, I had a business degree, a love for makeup, and no idea what I wanted to do. I grew up around two very successful and hardworking parents with the intended goal (at a young age) of landing a job as an architect, doctor, etc. These pressures created a conflict of either pursuing a career in a typically “successful” job or following my passions. I was confused and anxious to start. I had family on the east coast and I knew I wanted to stay in California after college, so I worked at a legal firm in Southern California. While there, I learned so much about the workings of a small business and the necessary characteristics to be successful in the business world. However, my takeaway was that I needed to take the next steps in my life and follow my heart.

I went back to school and received my Esthetician License. All while continuing my makeup artistry within editorial, fashion and bridal makeup. This career shift helped me realize that it’s important to listen to your passions and dreams because you will work harder, enjoy the journey, and eventually reach your goal. Till this day, I am still excited for the next steps.

Poise Makeup: What is your current role/position in the industry?

Michelle: Sales & Marketing Manager with Poise Makeup Professional.

Makeup Michelle Bradley | Hair Bry Rodriguez | Model Kristina Summer | Photographer Joy Wong | Studio The Artery LA 

Poise Makeup: What is your favorite Poise Makeup Professional product and why? How do you like to use it?

Michelle: My favorite Poise Makeup Professional product has to be the HD Crème Foundation. I have tried it all… crèmes, liquid, powder, mousse…you name it. And this crème foundation is the best! This foundation is my everyday for both myself and my clients. It’s high pigmentation with soft focus and blending capabilities has me going back to my Poise Makeup Professional Pro Palettes every time. When I work with a bride or photographer, I am always complimented on my client’s skin and that is enough for me to continue to love and use it. 

I like to use the product as is. I will place a small swatch (pea-size) of a few different shades on my palette and customize the base, highlight and contour shades I need for my client. I use a medium-size dual-fiber brush to pick up product. I put a light veil of product on the tip of the makeup brush. I then use small circular motions to blend the product onto moisturized skin. The finish looks healthy and flawless.


Michelle doing makeup at IMATS 2017 on model

Poise Makeup: What is a piece of advice for someone who is interested in the industry?

Michelle: Be professional. I remember one job so well. I showed up early, prepared my set-up and was ready with a few minutes to spare. After the photo shoot was over both the models and photographer came up to me and complimented my cleanliness, artistry and timeliness. I know this may seem simple, but this will show people that you are serious about what you do, leaves them feeling confident in you, and wanting to work with you time and time again.

Makeup Michelle Bradley | Model Summer Betti

Poise Makeup: What experience, as a makeup artist, has left a big impact on you and why?

Michelle: It was early on in my career, working in retail, and I went to an artistry audition. I will never forget this audition. I came in thinking I was prepared and ready to create a beautiful look. Well, it went terribly. I didn’t know how to use the product, I was flustered and I left feeling defeated. I used techniques that have worked before and quickly realized that the cream I was using for a smoky eye, turned into a harsh and splotchy mess. It was because it was a water proof wasn't a product that blends out. Although this moment seems like it left a negative impact, it was actually a huge learning experience. I was humbled by that moment. I learned that I have to keep learning. I have since taken makeup classes, workshops and master classes to keep up to date with new products and techniques. I also realized that I have to slow down. Go your own pace and try your best. It has helped me in so many different situations in life. Also, be present and stay confident.

Makeup & Photographer Michelle Bradley | Model Stevi Kuhns

Poise Makeup: Where can people view your work?

Michelle: Instagram:

We love to hear about each artist's journey. Every path is so different. We can help each through this industry together through our combined experiences/tips. Thank you to our team member, Michelle, for sharing her story. Keep creating and we hope you make us a part of your creative journey!


Poise Makeup Team 

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