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Makeup Artist of the Month | Rachel Madison

Rachel Madison Makeup Artist of the Month Blog photo

Rachel Madison looking stunning! Photographer: Jonathan Adams

Discovering new Makeup Artists who create beautiful work and inspire us is one of our favorite things! That's why, when we came across Rachel Madison, we were so excited to connect with her. After seeing the amazing work Rachel creates, we asked if she would be interested in being our Makeup Artist of the month. We are so honored to share with you some of her story!

Poise Makeup Professional: What inspired you to begin working in the beauty industry?

Rachel : "I’ve always had a fascination with makeup, and the art of it, for as long as I can remember. Throughout middle school, high school, and even younger, I was always the one to put together outfits, and of course always had my makeup done. I didn’t leave the house without it. I think a lot of people tend to associate that with being insecure, “hiding yourself”, but that was never the reason for me. I saw it as an art! It made me feel even more confident and I loved it. Makeup is about empowerment, enhancing your natural beauty. But with any confidence, comes people trying to tear you down for it. I never had very many friends, so I spent my time watching YouTube videos and really looking more into the beauty industry. I started watching Madeyewlook by Lex and was so inspired by her and her body paint that I started doing my own and absolutely fell in love with it."

Poise Makeup Professional: What is your current role/position in the industry?

Rachel: "Currently I work as a makeup artist and body painter in the Makeup Industry. My junior and senior year of high school I decided to go to cosmetology school. I did that half days for two years and got my cosmetology license when I graduated high school! Although I don’t work as a hairstylist, I've definitely used some of what I learned when I work on clients now for makeup."

Models: Breya Birdsong and Dakota Bruton; Makeup/Body Paint: Rachel Madison; Photographer: Michael Trace; Hair: Dee Lanee

Poise Makeup Professional: What is your favorite Poise Makeup Professional product and why? How do you like to use it?

Rachel: "My favorite Poise Makeup Professional product would be the HD Creme Foundation. This product is very versatile, and the shade range is amazing! I've used this product on multiple skin types, tones, and textures and it hasn't let me down. Personally, I like to mix the foundation with a bit of moisturizer to give the skin that beautiful, glowing, natural looking finish."

Poise Makeup Professional: What is a piece of advice you have for someone who is interested in the industry?

Rachel: "For someone who is interested in beauty industry, the biggest advice I could give would be to have tough skin, learn as much as you can, and always humble yourself! As much as I love this industry, it can also be tough and there will always be competition out there. I think having that tough skin is so beneficial. There is never a point in anyone's career that they have learned everything there is to know. The beauty industry is constantly changing, therefore, there is constantly something new that can be learned, while still remaining humble!"

Model: Chanbriel Cooper; Photographer: Willyum Baulkey; Makeup: Rachel Madison

Poise Makeup Professional: What experience, as a makeup artist, has left a big impact on you and why?

Rachel: "The biggest impact this industry has had on me is my confidence. Before discovering makeup and how much there is to it, I never knew what I wanted to do with my life career wise, and I've always been very shy and introverted. Being involved in this industry, especially at such a young age, has had such an impact on me. I remember doing makeup for a bigger fashion show, and I was the youngest artist there. They had a team of makeup artists and hairstylists come in, and I was the only individual artist there. I believe I was about 16 at the time, and it was definitely intimidating. However, as the day went on, I noticed more and more models coming to me to do their makeup, some even waiting around for me! It was so cool to see that and so empowering."

We are so excited to continue following Rachel's journey, and see what other wonderful work she creates! If you want to join us in watching her journey, follow her social media that is listed below.

Model: Sara Elizabeth; Photographer: Duke Greer; Makeup: Rachel Madison




Poise Makeup Team

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