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One of our favorite things about the Makeup Industry is getting to know artists, whether they are fresh in the field or a season pro. This is because each person's journey is so different, but the passion is always there. This month, we had the honor of speaking with Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist, Suzy Diaz!

From the beginning of her journey, to which products she loves, Suzy is full of knowledge!

Poise Makeup Professional : "How did you get in to the makeup industry?"

Suzy : "After graduating from CU in Boulder with a bachelors in Economics/ Business, I decided to go to makeup school. That decision was made after I saw a movie called FX- which was about a Special Effects Makeup Artist who was hired to disguise someone to fake a real life mob killing for a Witness Protection Program. I saw that and decided that's what I wanted to do; disguise people, change their looks, create characters. So I enrolled in a makeup school in London called Complections. After I finished school, I came back to the states and started looking at every ad in the paper, calling photographers, called the film commission, called cable shows, etc.  I just wanted to work. I ended up doing live cable shows for free, doing photo shoots for photographers, and small commercials. My "big break" was an LA film company coming to our small town to film. My friends found out about it and told me to go apply. I went to this interview with my 10 photos from school, and got the job. I did hair, makeup, and special effects makeup. Just me. No one else in my department. It was crazy! I ended up doing 8 films with that director, moved to LA after the 3rd movie, and kept working. I knew nothing when I started, I had to learn it on the job. Each job landed new contacts, more experience, and more work. I've been very blessed to have worked this long and this consistent in this industry." 

Poise Makeup Professional : "What is a piece of advice you have for someone interested in the TV & Film Industry?"

Suzy : "First, I would say don't put limits on yourself. Create your "art" how ever you want, use your imagination, and don't get stuck in a box! Go outside the box, have fun with what you create. Second, I would say take every job you are offered. Push yourself. Don't be a snob. Every job lands different opportunities, growth, and keeps you fresh as an artist. You never know what can happen. Do the jobs that scare you. You may fail, but you may learn. It's ok to fail. Third, just remember art is subjective. Don't take it so personally. You need a thick skin to do this, and you need to leave your ego at the door."

Poise makeup Professional "What experience, as a makeup artist, has left a big impact on you and why?

Suzy : "I think that would be working on the Star Trek series for 7 years. I learned on the job so many techniques that I use today. I never picked up an air brush until I worked on Star Trek. It was also a great place for creativity. We had access to so many things, appliances every where, a full lab, we could create any kind of alien you could think of. With that came a certain amount of security too, that allowed you to try new things and grow as an artist. Mike Westmore was an amazing Dept Head and ran the show with efficiency and a great amount of humanity. I learned so much from him as an artist and Dept Head. He gave everyone a chance to explore their talents and use their imaginations. ( and even if you messed up he never got angry, he just talked you through why it didn't work and would help you fix it). We were given a certain amount of freedom to go outside the box and bring it.  The experience there left me with more knowledge of our craft and the skills needed to create a work environment that was a nice balance of family and work. I enjoyed every minute of my time with the Star Trek Family"

Poise Makeup Professional : "What kind of makeup is your favorite to do and why?"

Suzy : "That's a tough one. I really love doing Special Effects; from aliens to monsters to casualty. It's super creative and it's like Halloween everyday. I also love doing tattoos, making them look realistic and not just a sticker that has been slapped on. I do love High Fashion makeup too, taking beauty to the extreme is so much fun. And strangely enough, I like corrective makeup. That is always super challenging and not always easy. I like figuring out how to make it work, look better, whatever the issue is, I like to find a solution."

Poise Makeup Professional :"What is your favorite Poise Makeup Professional product, and do you like to use it?

Suzy : "That's easy, the HD Creme Foundations. I LOVE the foundations! I have all the palettes in all of my cases ( Beauty, FX, Red Carpet). I use them on everybody! I can match almost every skin tone; it feels like silk on the skin. The actors love it, and so does HD cameras. The color range is fantastic, but I do favor the dark skin; it's my favorite! Poise is my go to product; I love it!"

Suzy Diaz has such an amazing story, and we had an amazing time learning more about her! We are so excited for her Live TV & Film Makeup Demonstration! Interested in joining us for this event, call and sign up now!


Poise Makeup Team

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