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Can anyone else believe that it is already October? It feels like this year has gone by so quickly! Well, as mentioned in the Newsletter that was sent out earlier this month, the blogs will be taking on a slightly different feel. We want them to be something that will help educate and engage you, so what better way than to start with introducing the Poise Makeup Professional Team? Our team is full of incredible, and very talented individuals. It is an honor to work with them each day, and we look forward to meeting you guys in person.

Meet the Team:

Mae Hartberg

(Camera Shy)

Vanessa Zerbe

Michelle Bradley
Sales | Marketing Manager 

Richard Espinoza
Sales | Educator 

Devon Taylor
Sales | Marketing Coordinator

Angelina Varela
Salon Sales | Educator 

We went around to everyone and asked them a few questions we thought you might want to know:


What made you want to join the Poise Team?

Vanessa: “Being a part of something new, a vision, a dream. Seeing beyond the start up and visualizing the grand goal.”

Michelle: “Poise Makeup Professional is about professional artistry and utilizing healthy ingredients.  As an esthetician and makeup artist, I love to make my clients feel beautiful. Every time I use Poise Makeup Professional my clients love how their skin looks. I was also inspired by the family that is the Poise Makeup Team. Everyone cares so much about each other and their customers. We're all extended family.”

Richard: “When the opportunity came to become a product educator, I knew at that moment it was going to be amazing working for the company.”

Devon: “From the very first time that I met the Poise Team, it instantly felt like a family. Everyone was so nice, they were passionate about the product, and they cared. Before I even sampled the product, I knew it would be something special, and I was right!”

Angelina: “I joined Poise because the company not only provides an amazing product, but they educate their clients on the product. You can’t say that about too many cosmetic companies these days.”


What is something that you love about Poise Makeup Professional?

Vanessa: “Its versatility. The concept behind the product, you are the artist behind the color.”

Michelle: “I love the fact that we work with our chemist to create the products. From the color to texture, everything is well thought out and developed from an artist's perspective.”

Richard: “It definitely has to be working with the Poise team. I feel we work extremely well together to the point where it doesn't feel like going to work, it feels more like hanging out with family, while getting work done!”

Devon: “Aside from the people you meet, the product! I work on set a lot, and Poise is my go to makeup. The foundation looks absolutely amazing on camera, and I very rarely have to do touchups on the areas that I have used Poise. And when on set, that is every director’s dream for time management, and every artists dream product.”

Angelina: “What I love about Poise is the fact that you can customize any pallet to your preference. You don't need several products to achieve the look that you want with Poise.”


What is your favorite Poise makeup product, and why?

Vanessa: “Crème Foundation, natural skin finish, great coverage without looking too heavy. Healthy Product = Healthy Skin.”

Michelle: “Hands down the HD Crème Foundation. I love the flawless coverage that comes from its HD botanical-derived ingredients. It smoothes the skin to give it the best version possible. I use it every day and use it on all of my clients! My favorite foundation!”

Richard: “I love it all! It’s hard to choose one. But if one is my option it has to be the HD Crème Foundation. The versatility makes it easy for me as an artist to manipulate the product to get the coverage and textures I desire.”

Devon: “Only one?! I have so many favorites. But, if I were to choose, the HD Crème Foundation. It just makes the skin look so amazing! For me, a great makeup starts with great skin. With this product, it works with so many different skin types, and it leaves your client feeling pampered. It is a win-win for all involved.”

Angelina: “My favorite product here at Poise is the HD Crème Foundation.  It gives a beautiful glowing finish while nourishing your skin with its natural ingredients. Not only do you have an instant smoothing finish to the skin, but the product is working skin deep for long term results.”

Our goal here at Poise Makeup Professional is a simple one. Not only do we want to embody Poise as a team, but we want to help you achieve it as well. We want you to feel comfortable and confident when you take a job. We want you to have products that you love to use, ones that you go back to time and time again. We want to help you grow! Poise Makeup Professional is created with the professional in mind!

Make us a part of your creative journey! Follow us on our social media to keep up to date with our day-to-day at Poise Makeup Professional:

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