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New Pro Makeup Brushes!

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Every great craft comes with great tools. Think about it. When you are working on a project, any project, what kind of tools do you use? Think about your makeup brushes. Are they getting the job done? Are you struggling on blending or even simply applying your products? Is it time to upgrade? Let us introduce you to our new brushes.

Pro Makeup Brush | #202 Pro Foundation

If you have used our makeup brushes in the past, you may notice that our #202 Pro Foundation Brush has changed. That is because we switched from a Natural Hair bristle to a Dual Fiber Synthetic bristle! Why is that important? We wanted to find a way to make application easier, and faster. When applying any creme foundation, like our HD Creme Foundation for example, you want a tool that will make your job easier. With a Dual Fiber Synthetic brush, you are able to pick up product, apply it, and blend out the creme products effortlessly. Instead of applying with one brush, and looking for a blending brush or sponge, you are able to do it all with this wonderful brush! Did we mention that the bristles are also incredibly soft?

Pro Makeup Brush | #108 Pro Large Concealer

Everything comes back to an easier and faster application. Our #108 Pro Large Concealer Brush helps to quickly apply large areas for color correction, highlight, or smoothing out areas. This brush, like our #202 Pro Foundation Brush, is made with Dual Fiber Synthetic bristles.

Pro Makeup Brush Set

Our Pro Makeup Brush Set is a wonderful addition to any Pro Artist Kit. This 10 Piece brush set includes face and eye brushes, allowing you to do a full face with one set of brushes. If you are interested in learning about each brush's components, feel free to click here to view the component list!

Whether you are a Pro Makeup Artist, a student, or someone who loves makeup, these brushes are great to have at your side. Make sure to take advantage of the Pro Artist Discount, Student Discount, and signing up for our newsletter!

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