Poise Makeup Workshop with Cerritos City College Cosmetology

We’ve been asked numerous times who our target is and frankly everyone is our target. Our goal is to reach all of you! On Monday August 29th we visited Cerritos City College Cosmetology class with a total number of 45 audience members. Our purpose and mission has always been to share why Poise Makeup Professional is amazing and what better way to introduce and make these strides than by starting with students pursuing a career in the industry.

This particular day of presentation was a bit different than just a regular makeup demo presentation. We believe that if you touch our products you understand them better and it’s easier to develop an affair with the brand. The first portion of the class was about the history of Poise Makeup led by a makeup demo and followed by some tips on how to prepare yourself for the industry. The second portion of the class entailed a hands on workshop. We had so much fun guiding and encouraging everyone to explore the creative art of makeup artistry. The Students from Cerritos LOVED it and it truly left an impression on us! 

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Make us a part of your creative journey!


Poise Makeup Team

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