Product of the Week | HD Creme Foundation

Our HD Creme Foundation was created with the professional makeup artist in mind. The highly pigmented Crème Formulation allows the artist to choose their coverage from full to sheer. From the pan, this HD Crème will warm on the skin and apply as full coverage with a velvety satin finish. 

PRO TIP #1 | Start with a pea-size amount of product on your mixing palette. Using a 202 Pro Foundation Brush, pull and bounce the product on the mixing palette before applying on the skin. This will give you coverage control and allow time for the product to warm on the skin and blend for a flawless application.

PRO TIP #2 | To sheer down the foundation, add a drop of an essential oil and combine with your foundation onto your mixing palette before applying on the skin. This will create a natural dewy finish.  

Foundation is the first product applied on the skin, so we wanted to make sure the ingredients were healthy and beneficial. Citrus is the main component in our foundation. Citrus promotes collagen production creating a smooth and youthful appearance. It is also an antioxidant to fight against the damaging effects of free radicals.

With 32 customizable shades, we know you will find the perfect color for you and your artistry! 

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Poise Makeup Team

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