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Product of the Week | Mineral Pressed

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Our Mineral Pressed is a light-weight face powder that perfectly compliments our HD Creme formulations. Its velvety-smooth consistency originates from Jojoba Oil infused within. Mineral Pressed has a light to medium coverage.

There are six Mineral Pressed shades as well as a Translucent and a Bronzer. Our Translucent leaves the skin with a colorless matte finish. Our Bronzer can be used to add color all over or warmth just on the cheeks. 

PRO TIP | Mineral Pressed is best applied using a large voluminous brush like our #204 Pro Blush Brush. Lightly tapping, instead of swirling, into the product with this brush will pick up enough to apply all over the face. Less product is needed with this light formula. 

The mattefying property of Mineral Pressed will allow you to use this as a light foundation or to set our HD Creme bases. 


Poise Makeup Team

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