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Product of the Week | NEW HD Creme Correctors

Our HD Creme Correctors have a new look! There was a need for a wider variety of red color correction. As an Artist in the Industry there are a least two necessary hues needed for red color correction. This process led to the formulation of Red Corrector 1.5 and Red Corrector G2.

Red Corrector 1.5 is a unique light yellow-green. This shade is perfect to mix with foundation to help color correct on light to medium skin tones. 

Red Corrector G2 is a rich deep green created to subdue the red tones in dark to deep skin tones. 

With the same high pigmentation as our HD Creme Formula, a small amount of these Correctors is all you will need to receive the color corrections benefits. 

PRO TIP #1 | On a Mixing Palette, place your foundation shade(s) along with the corrector shade(s) needed. Mix in the corrector into the foundation before application. Using a tapered foundation brush like our #202 Pro Foundation Brush, stipple the custom shade on your mixing palette and begin working the product onto the skin using circular and stippling movements until blended in seamlessly.

PRO TIP #2 | For higher coverage, use a flat dense brush like our #108 Pro Large Concealer Brush and blend by lightly tapping the product into the skin. This is ideal for specific areas of the face and spot treating. 

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