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Product of the Week | Pro Makeup Brushes

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Tools are an extension of an artist's hands. They translate the finesse of every movement. A question we often receive is "What brushes do I use for your products?" It can be confusing when there are so many techniques and tools out there. With our unique formulations, here are our favorite ways to use our Pro Makeup Brushes:

#101 Pro Smudge

Short and semi-flat bristles densely constructed together pick up product intensely. Using one side of the brush, load with Mineral Pressed Color and layer it on to create a smokey eye with ease. Using the brush with minimal product on the edges can softly apply Mineral Pressed Colors or Liners with a semi-blended effect. 

#102 Pro Definer

This dense cone-shape gives you control to create lines with a soft haze. Pick up Mineral Pressed Colors and quickly create a soft blur near the lash line or create a hazy cut crease. This brush also easily breaks up our Eye Liners for a smokey look. 

#103 Pro Detail Concealer

 Perfect for high coverage when using our HD Creme Formula. Pick up product and tap or slightly swipe the brush to get a full coverage finish. Great for the brow bone, under the eyes or to cover small imperfections/discolorations.

#104 Pro Eyeliner

This thin, flat-tip brush will easily work product close to the lash line or through the brows. The stiff bristles apply the Mineral Pressed Colors and Liners with high concentration and control. 

#105 Pro Black Crease

We have two crease brushes. #105 is more dense, which makes it pick up more product. This characteristic is great for applying our multitasking colors on the eyes. It is gentle enough for comfortable application, but dense enough to pick up the perfect amount of product to evenly distribute all over the area. 

#106 Pro White Crease

This tapered brush is a favorite for blending our Mineral Pressed Products. The dispersed bristles lightly picks up product for soft coverage all over or if used without product, blends out harsh lines beautifully. 

#107 Pro Brow

The angle on this brush combined with short and compact bristles creates gorgeous straight lines. Depending on your pressure, you can create bold or soft lines. Create natural hairs by changing pressure from firm to light as you make your line. Create bold shapes with even pressure and a saturated edge. 

#108 Pro Large Concealer

#108 is the larger version of our #103. With similar characteristic you can use this for full coverage application of our HD Creme Foundation. This is great to use for under the eyes. Using one side of the brush, apply product with stippling movements or strokes. 

#202 Pro Foundation

This brush is dense, full, short and tapered. With these qualities, it creates an airbrushed effected on the skin. First stippling our HD Creme Foundation on a mixing palette, evenly coat the ends of the bristles. Using short strokes and small circular motions, blend the creme on the skin. This will marry the product on the skin with the assistance of warmth from your face.

#204 Pro Blush

Use our #204 with our Mineral Pressed Face Powders and Mineral Pressed Cheek Colors. When applying Mineral Pressed Face Powders, saturate the entire brush with product and either dust on desired areas or press it into the skin for a full matte finish. With Mineral Pressed Cheek Color, subtly cover one side of the brush with product, and lightly tap product on desired areas. Due to high pigmentation, start with a small amount of product on the brush.  

Our Pro Makeup Brushes were designed with the artist in mind. With extended handles, it provides balance and ample distance for the artist to create. 

What's your favorite Pro Makeup Brush? Let us know! Write us a comment on Facebook @PoiseMakeup!


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