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Special Effects Workshops at COBA Cosmetology Academy

Special Effects Workshops at COBA Cosmetology Academy

Cosmetology students at COBA Cosmetology Academy working on cuts using latex

When October comes around, makeup artists and special effects enthusiasts get ready for an exciting and busy time of the year. So for future professionals, it's important to get exposed to the "not to glamorous" side of the makeup world. We visited COBA Cosmetology Academy in Orange California to show them how to create burns, scratches and cuts using makeup, latex and some fake blood. 

Students showcasing their new special effect techniques with bruises and cuts

To create the illusion of cuts, our Makeup Educators Bryanna Rodriguez and Michelle Bradley both showed how to layer Liquid Latex/Duo Striplash Clear Adhesive as the first step. For those with Latex allergies, they substituted with School Glue. To create texture, they utilized stipple sponges.

While the latex products dried, they demonstrated how to create bruises and scratches using colors like blue, purple and yellow.

Using different tools added to the texture and finish of the wound. For example, using a (one-time use) mascara wand loaded with Coco and dusted on over the creme product created a gravel texture to make it look like the victim was scrapped up on the ground. 

After the latex dried, using a spatula, they added texture, holds and cuts as desired. After applying makeup and a little fake blood, they create very realistic wounds!

Makeup Educator, Bryanna Rodriguez with day time students at COBA 

Along with product knowledge and application, our educators also focused on the importance of realism and wounds in real time. A bruise changes over time and it will look different depending on the how it was created. And we wanted them to be creative with the story behind the wound so they could create the most realistic result. 

The students at COBA Cosmetology Academy were fantastic and incredibly talented. They were able to use what they learned the following days for their in school Halloween Contest! Check out what they created and who won! Links below!

COBA Cosmetology Academy Website 

COBA Cosmetology Academy Instagram


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