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Demos at Citrus College, Coba Academy & Saddleback Beauty Academy

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Saddleback Beauty Academy

We had a wonderful week of makeup demos at three amazing schools! These visits are the most rewarding and enjoyable because we love meeting future professionals excited about their careers in the beauty industry. We love hearing each person's story as to what inspired them to head down their creative path and we feel very honored to be a part of their journey!  

Citrus College

Our week kicked off at Citrus College with the lovely ladies in the Esthetician program! With a wide range of skill level from beginners to professional makeup artists, we like to focus on Poise product knowledge and application techniques specific to our products. Our line is simple, compact and versatile and we try to focus on those qualities to prepare those who are new to the industry as well as fulfill the needs of pros already in the field. We absolutely loved the spirited group at Citrus College and we cannot wait to go back for our hands on workshop! 

Coba Academy

Our next stop was at Coba Academy for a fun fantasy look with their Esthetician program. With Halloween fast approaching, we showcased the versatility of our HD Creme formulations as well as mentioned how to tone down these techniques to use for a glam look! For bright or deeper shades, we like to use our HD Creme Multitasking Palette to quickly achieve intensified colors with long lasting capabilities. This fantasy look called for sharp lines and a bright contour, so we focused on brush selection and technique. For defined lines, we used our #107 Pro Brow Brush

We wrapped up the week with a demo at Saddleback Beauty Academy for their Esthetician and Cosmetology students. This group of makeup lovers made our job so much fun! We did a natural makeup look with our main focus on the skin. After the demo finished, the students came up to feel the product and we had a line of students who wanted to be color matched with our HD Creme Foundation. At the end of our demos we always have everyone come up to feel the product and swatch the colors because we want them to understand our application techniques and how pigmented our products are. 

Education plays a key role in makeup artistry and in the foundation of Poise. Thank you to all the schools for having us!

Make us a part of your creative journey!


Poise Makeup Team

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