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The “We Are Poise” campaign is an opportunity to remind our loyal customers of what Poise Makeup Professional represents. The term "poise" is defined as a state of balance, composure, and stability. Being that these are fundamental qualities, we were inspired to make them an integral part of how we define ourselves. This is where our vision originates. 
Since nothing embodies our vision of balance and stability more than the concept of the Yin and Yang. We decided to use it as a source of inspiration. 
Balance is an important concept for both a business and an individual. Obtaining stability in all aspects of life is difficult, but nevertheless, it is something we should all strive for.
The Yin and Yang symbol features balancing black and white halves, which led us to our visual inspiration of a black and white theme.  

We decided to complement our “We Are Poise” campaign with black and white photos on our Instagram. The inspiration for black and white is two fold. First of all, it coincides with the colors of the Yin and Yang. Secondly, we like that black and white photos can be thought of as a blank canvas. A blank canvas where the audience becomes the artist bringing color to the picture in their own unique way.

We Are Artists. We Are Beautiful. We Are Poise.



Poise Makeup Team

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