Pro Palette | HD Creme Corrector


Pro Palette | HD Creme Corrector 

Product Name: HD Crème Corrector

Product Category:
Pro Palette


Highly-pigmented concealers that blend seamlessly under eyes or face. Not only can it be used to conceal, it also brightens and can be used as a highlighter.

Choose our full PRO Palette or our magnetic individual refill pans. Perfect to replace your favorite shade or to add to any existing magnetic palette. 

Corrector Shades:
Blue Corrector
Peach 2
Dark Skin Corrector
Red Corrector 1.5
Red Corrector G2
Red Corrector 3

Deep Skin Corrector

Pro Artist Application Tip:
Use a combination of Red Corrector 3 and Deep Skin Corrector for the ultimate deep skin tone corrector.

This is a crème emollient formula; you may see small droplets of natural oils appear on the surface of the product, especially if exposed to elevated temperatures or strong sunlight. This will not affect the quality of the product. Should this occur, swirl a brush or clean fingertip over the product’s surface to mix them back in.

Weight | Size:
Contains 8 shades at Net Wt. 0.11oz | 3.1g each

Whole Palette Net Wt: 0.88oz | 24.8g 


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