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I attended the Valentine look workshop at Poise. It was amazing and I learned multiple looks... The event also taught me on the product itself, and different combinations of applying it.


In choosing a product, I look for textures and pigments that will be seen by an HD camera as flawless, but undectable... I often get told how beautiful my actresses skin is-- and Poise is my secret.

Todd McIntosh

I attended this class in January 2019. I got the makeup kit it was so worth it... the teachers are very knowledgeable and friendly; Lbgtq friendly as well, and one-on-one help in case you need it.

Sofi Castrejon

I purchased them at IMATS LA in 2015. The results on HD are flawless, even DP's notice... After 15 years as a makeup artist, I have FINALLY found my irreplaceable foundations that work on everyone.

Elizabeth Fox