The School Partnership Program

Your Strategic Partner in Shaping the Future of Beauty Education

As leaders in beauty education, we understand the unique challenges faced by institutes striving for excellence. Partnering with Poise Makeup Professional offers a wealth of benefits designed to enhance the educational experience for both faculty and students.

Tailored Services for Educational Excellence

Our commitment extends beyond providing makeup kits; we tailor our services to meet the distinctive needs of your beauty institute. Understanding the importance of delivering quality products to future industry professionals, we collaborate closely with each school, ensuring that our offerings align seamlessly with your curriculum.

Customizable Makeup Kits

Elevate your cosmetology, esthetician, and makeup programs with our customizable makeup kits. Choose from our professionally curated kits or opt for a bespoke experience by building your own custom kit. Contact us for personalized options that perfectly fit your budget.

Professional Makeup Demonstrations

As a partnered school, you gain access to limitless makeup demonstrations conducted by our team of seasoned professional makeup educators. Our educators bring real-world expertise, offering insights into professional techniques, industry innovations, and guidance on starting a successful career in this competitive market.

Education Beyond Products

Empowering Future Professionals: At Poise Makeup Professional, we believe that education is the cornerstone of success. Our team of professional makeup educators is dedicated to equipping future beauty professionals with not just products but also the knowledge and techniques essential for their success in the industry.

Flexible Partnership Options

We value the flexibility of our partnerships. There are no contracts or commitments, providing you with the freedom to explore and evolve your beauty education programs as needed.

Contact Us

For further inquiries, customization options, or to discuss how we can enhance your beauty institute's offerings, please contact us by phone or email.
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