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Featuring eight highly pigmented correctors and concealers in our pro palette, formulated from botanicals, that blend seamlessly under eyes or face to target those stubborn blemishes and discoloration. Not only can it be used to conceal, it also brightens and can be used as a highlighter.


  • HIGHLIGHT (highlighting or brightening)
  • BLUE CORRECTOR (neutralizes blue undertones for fair skin)
  • PEACH 2 (neutralizes violet undertones)
  • DARK SKIN CORRECTOR (conceals and brightens medium to deep skin tones)
  • RED CORRECTOR 1.5 (neutralizes red blemishes for fair to medium light tones)
  • RED CORRECTOR G2 (neutralizes red blemishes for medium to medium-dark tones)
  • RED CORRECTOR 3 (neutralizes red undertones for deep tones)
  • DEEP SKIN CORRECTOR (neutralizes blue undertones for deep skin)

Weight | Size:

Contains 8 shades at Net Wt. 0.11oz | 3.1g each

Whole Palette Net Wt: 0.66oz | 18.6g