Our Story

While today Poise is known internationally as a professional quality beauty brand, it represents so much more than that: the culmination of a lifetime’s vision from its founder combined with over 50 years of experience in makeup and beauty from its core leadership team.

Poise’s story has always been one of family and community. After immigrating from the Philippines in 1994, founders Mae and John Hartberg decided to use Mae’s extensive background in business to open a family beauty company, working with cousins to produce their own line of beauty products. Soon they opened storefronts in Beverly Hills and even the world-famous Glendale Galleria based on their natural, and fully cruelty free skin care products. Along the way, they realized the importance of impact, and the relationship between business and community.

In support of that realization, the company entered the arena of education, and through it built a commitment to fostering new talent in the fields of beauty and makeup. Thus, Poise began a partnership with Beauty and Cosmetology schools across Southern California. Through this avenue countless new beauty and makeup professionals have been able to start their careers with not just professional grade cosmetics but an education from seasoned industry professionals.

To bring about this vision, it was necessary to create a dynamic and diverse team of experts. Poise’s core team is made up of former independent makeup artists and educators with decade-spanning careers from across the makeup and beauty worlds. Using their extensive knowledge, deep backgrounds in the field, and unique talents, this dedicated group is able to shape and direct Poise’s educational and product lines with the most important viewpoint: that of the artist themselves.

As a diverse group, the whole Poise team knows the importance of specific tools for every background and set of needs. In addition to their ongoing commitment to healthy, natural products, they have made the company’s focus on diversity within their product lines their first priority. That idea has shaped the company’s holistic approach, from the style of its education to the vast range of colors and products available for all skin types and tones. From their makeup design, to skin care, to workshops and classes, Poise allows artists, clients, and schools to embrace the full range of what Beauty can mean.

Through it all, Poise has maintained a consistent commitment not just to quality, but to the ideas of diversity, service, ethics, and family."