Exquisite products find their origins in extraordinary ingredients.

Poise Makeup Professional was established with a vision to empower professionals, students, and consumers by delivering excellence in products, service, and education."

This founding philosophy, crafted by John and Mae Hartberg three decades ago, laid the foundation for both Poise International Beverly Hills and Poise Makeup Professional. Our commitment revolves around enhancing natural beauty through elements sourced directly from the embrace of nature itself.

Our Products

Our product lineup is a testament to thorough research and close collaboration with our skilled chemist. Innovative ingredients, harvested from botanicals, earth minerals, and various skin-loving elements, shape the essence of our offerings. Proudly crafted in Los Angeles, CA, our products bear the mark of quality, being both paraben-free and cruelty-free.

At Poise Makeup Professional, we transcend being mere makeup creators; we are a community.

Warm regards,
The Poise Team