Todd McIntosh's Period Makeup Master Class

Master Class Makeup Artist, Todd McIntosh | Photographed by Rich McCarter

We’ve been built on loyalty to industry artists. We partnered with E.I. School of Professional Makeup and Todd McIntosh for the same reasons. A master class was held at the Musician's Institute Theater on Thursday August 3, 2017 at 11am.  We began supporting E.I.’s Industry Insider Series a few months ago. This is where we come in as guest speakers to inspire and share stepping-stones for anyone interested in hearing what a veteran in the community had to say.

Todd McIntosh has been supporting Poise Makeup Professional for over 6 years and we value his time, expertise and passion for artistry and education.

Partners E.I. School of Professional Makeup & Poise Makeup Professional | Photographed by Rich McCarter

Three models were on stage simultaneously; Todd took us from the 20’s, to 40’s to 60’s. His vast knowledge of Period Makeup gave us all a look into the past, which helped us see the current evolution of makeup today and how the past has shaped and continues to alter the future. 

Todd McIntosh working on Model, Kristina Summer on a 1920s Look | Photographed by Rich McCarter

We often hear successful people say “Surround yourself with people who inspire you. Pick a friend, a colleague, a family member, someone who is worth emulating." Todd is one of those people for us. We hope that those of you who came to the event felt the same way.

(From Left to Right) Kristina Summer (1920s), Todd McIntosh, Kaylee Ubias (1940s) and Danielle Dubinsky (1960s) | Photographed by Rich McCarter

About Todd McIntosh

His experience is grand. He's been affiliated with Poise Makeup Professional for about 6 years. He’s made a great impression on the cosmetic line and has cultivated Poise Makeup Professional.

He was born in California and raised in Canada. He is considered an industry veteran makeup artist with an old school style. His career began in 1978. He has experience in News, Variety Shows, Local TV Dramas, Theaters and Featured Films. He has written a makeup curriculum for Blanche MacDonald Institutes Makeup Division in Canada and still holds the position as the Executive Director. He has and still continues to be active in the makeup artist industry community and we love his devotion to that.

He has achieved Two Emmy Awards and 12 Emmy Nominations. He won his first Emmy in 1998 for Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and his second Emmy in 2009 for Pushing Daisies. He is highly honored by his peers in the Hollywood Local 706 Union and continues to practice his craft and we are honored to call him our friend and expert.  

Thank you to everyone who came to the Master Class and everyone involved in this amazing and successful event!

Keep an eye out for our next workshops and upcoming Master Classes!


Poise Makeup Team

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