“I use Poise for several reasons. Primarily, it is a makeup line that was clearly designed by an artist not a lab technician! The colors and their presentation appeal to my eye as an artist, making it easy to mix and adapt them. Secondly, the texture of the product itself allows me to apply for a sheer tint or for coverage depending on my needs. I like products lend themselves to adaptability. Finally, the makeup has a velvety finish that reminds me of airbrush without the need for one."

  • Todd McIntosh | Two-time Emmy Award Winner for Outstanding Makeup


"Love Poise HD Creme Foundation, ultra-pigmented, long wear formula, with a complete selection of skin tones, from fair to ethnic. Complete the look with my top pick 'Beautiful', lip and cheek color, providing a perfect finish"

  • Sue Diaz | Emmy Award Winner Makeup Artist


“I just wanted to tell you how essential my Poise face palettes have become in my kit.  I purchased them at IMATS LA in 2015.  The results on HD are flawless, even DPs notice. I am so appreciative of the colors as well, the undertones are perfect.  After 15 years as a Makeup Artist, I have FINALLY found my irreplaceable foundations that work on everyone. Thank you so much for an incredible product!!"

  • Elizabeth Fox | Makeup Artist


“Poise has been a great addition to my kit, the HD Foundation and multipurpose Lip and Cheek colors are impressive. I can’t go without the HD mascara.”

  • Pauline Farace | Esthetician, Makeup Artist


“There was a time when I would never use anything else other than a certain product for it’s name (not mentioning names), but I would break out like crazy, it left me needing more makeup than I really needed. I’m so glad and thankful I was introduced to this product. I absolutely love it, it truly leaves my skin looking flawless and feeling like it can breathe and I don’t have to keep reapplying all day.”

  • Esther Orozco | Los Angeles



"Since I was introduced to Poise Makeup Professional I have used it consistently on a majority of my clients. It's long wearing, looks great on camera, and photographs well.  My top two favorites are the HD foundations and the liquid matte lipsticks. My motto is work smarter not harder. Poise helps me achieve this goal."

  • Jessica Davis | Makeup Artist


 "I fell in love with Poise Cinema Touch HD Creme Base as a concealer and highlighter on the cheek bones, between the brows, middle of the chin and down the center nose bridge. Poise Creme Base consistency is creamy, but dries to a satin finish."

  • Mathias Alan | Makeup Artist