How Do You Find Your Inspiration?

Makeup can be used in so many creative ways. It can be used as a form of expression, to showcase, and take people to different times and places. As artists, however, we are not immune to the Creative Block. So what do you do when you get in to a rut? We have a few things for you to try and help get your creative juices flowing again!

1) Look To Nature!

Nature is a wonderful way to connect and find your way back to the creative flow. With the bright colors, textures, and life that is naturally there, you can tap in to all of your senses! Whether it is going to the beach, or taking a walk in the woods, find your spot and spend some time listening.

2) Colors!

Colors are a great way to get back in the groove! Have you been wanting to try out a new makeup look, we say play with that blue eyeshadow! Is it bold? Yup. Should you be scared? Nope! 

Create your own colors, and draw outside of the lines. Poise Makeup was created with the Professional Artist in mind. What does that mean? That means we want you to be able to be in control with what colors you are using! Play with our HD Creme Fantasy Palette and create bold colors. 

3) Textures

This goes hand in hand with getting out to nature. Have you ever looked at a tree trunk? Have you ever noticed the different amount of patterns and colors? The different bumps and swirls? In makeup, you can play with different mediums. Whether that means using creams, feathers, and glitter or flowers, the sky is the limit!

4) Shapes

Shapes are our jam. We look at faces every day and think about what kind of looks we can create for that person. Whether it be a simple beauty look, or a boxed out lip, you are able to create! So look at shapes. Look at their angles. How would they look on a face? Would it be a look that would become a body painting? Could you create your own?

Being an artist is a beautiful gift. We are able to create images that help inspire, help in translating, help encourage. But, sometimes, we hit those creative blocks. Don't let that discourage you! Take it as an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, to step away from your "typical makeup", and create!

If you want to experiment with color, our HD Creme Fantasy Palette is the perfect palette! This is very similar to our HD Creme Multitasking Palette, but with bright, vibrant colors. If you are wanting to try your hand at Avant Garde or Fantasy Makeup, or even just wanting to try your look with an out of the box lip color (we're looking at you Purple Haze), we say DO IT!

We look forward to seeing what you make, and what you thought of these tips! What is your go to when you are looking for inspiration?


Poise Makeup Team

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