Treat Yourself to Rejuven Vitamin-C Serum!

Poise Makeup Professional has a long, and wonderful history. Did you know that we actually started as a skincare line? That's right! John and Mae Hartberg created Poise International Beverly Hills 20 years ago. That's right, 20 years! At this store, John and Mae not only sold their skincare products, but they also offered facials using ONLY their skincare!



We are so excited to introduce to you our Rejuven Vitamin-C Serum! This product is described as 

"An exclusive Multi-Vitamin Facial Treatment. It contains an essential amount of Vitamin C, just the right concentration of Vitamins A and E, also beneficial minerals, and extra pure essential oils... When used prior to makeup, it helps to form a breathable moisture seal and helps to achieve a smooth and even application of makeup."

With this amazing Rejuven Vitamin-C Serum, you can use it as skin prep in both moisturizing AND as a makeup primer. That's right. It does both! This is from the original skincare line that John and Mae created, and let us tell you... it is still amazing after 20 years!

We here at Poise Makeup LOVE using it during our demonstrations we give at schools, but our artists love using it on their clients as well! Here are what a few of them say.

"I really love that it brightens and primes the skin!" - Richard Espinoza

"I absolutely love using it on both clients, and for myself. Since it helps to smooth out the skin, it makes the HD Creme Foundation look even better, which I didn't think was possible!" - Devon Taylor

This amazing product is perfect for the Pro Artist AND people who just love skin care. Here is how to use it:

Step One : A little goes a long way! Taking your mixing palette, one pump of the serum will be enough to cover a full face!

Step Two : Next, take our #202 Pro Foundation Brush and use it to apply the serum to the face. This helps apply the serum evenly, and buff it in to the skin. Another option you have is to mix it in with the foundation for a more sheer coverage.

Step Three : Enjoy! It's that simple.

A great makeup starts with great skin prep. Our Rejuven Vitamin-C Serum will help you get one step closer to that flawless skin you have always wanted.


Poise Makeup Team

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