Meet our Team

Richard Espinoza

Executive Director | Educator
Instagram: @LaRouxArtistry

Richard is a Los Angeles native with over 13 years of experience in the beauty industry. He is dual licensed in cosmetology and esthetics from Citrus College, Glendora, California.

Richard has created his own unique style, based on bringing out the inner beauty of all his clients. He tastefully applies cosmetics to enhance one’s natural features, rather than camouflaging them.

His work has been featured in print, TV and film, fashion and red carpet special events. Richard’s ultimate passion is teaching makeup. Over the course of his career, Richard has taught over 2,000 students in a variety of beauty institutes, and privately in his salon studio based in Hollywood, CA.

Frankie Segura

Marketing Coordinator | Educator
Instagram: @frankiesegura

Frankie is a professional makeup artist based in Los Angeles, with an extensive background in visual arts. As a native of various diverse neighborhoods throughout LA, the different environments exposed her to a series of art forms and cultures.

She is known for her technique: seamless blending and precise application, as well as the noted ability to apply natural aesthetic instincts while adapting to each client's unique needs.

As Poise's Marketing Coordinator and Brand Educator, Frankie leverages her wealth of experience and expertise in the makeup industry. While she continues to work as a full-time freelance artist, she is also passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping others in the beauty industry.

Aurora Galarza

Director of Education
Instagram: @auroragalarzamakeup

Aurora is an experienced bilingual makeup artist in the Los Angeles beauty industry with over two decades of expertise. Her influences include theater, drag, horror, and 80’s glam makeup. She began her career as a beauty consultant working with the general public. Here she gained the skills needed to work with various skin types and complexions.

She then transitioned into teaching and enjoys sharing her techniques and product knowledge. She has extensive experience in TV and film, editorial fashion, Award Season and private events. She is currently enjoying her time as a bridal makeup artist, exploring new products and techniques, while continuing to lead beauty workshops and events.

Donald Hsiao

Instagram: @don_hsiao

Born and raised in what is known as the “City of Joy” Calcutta, India, Donald takes pride in his heritage and the diversity that surrounded him. His passion for the art of makeup and his ever-growing urge to learn has led him to travel the world. Donald has participated in various shoots, bridal events, editorials and Fashion Weeks.

After years of traveling, he finally moved to Los Angeles to further his education and pursue his dreams. It was always his plan to move and experience both sides of the world to increase his richness of knowledge, culture and  lifestyle. Since then, Donald has had continued success in his career.

Donald is a strong believer of Karma, and is an influence for his unending love for makeup. He empowers everyone to experience the joy of looking and feeling good through the power of makeup application. This is how Donald chooses to make a difference in the world.

Victoria Rivera


Victoria has been in the beauty industry since 2015. She loves all things beauty and the confidence it can give someone. She turned her love for painting into a career of painting faces. Her technique of true makeup artistry mixed with trends gives a beauty natural finished look that lasts all day.

Previously having worked for multiple beauty companies, assisting a top artist for 3 years, and being trained by some of the top artists in Los Angeles, Victoria's goal is to bring all her knowledge together to make anyone feel their best for any event they need.