Pro Makeup Brush Set and Individual Brushes

Individual brushes

Pro Makeup Brushes

Product Name:
Professional Makeup Brushes

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Makeup Brushes

Our Professional brushes are hand selected and custom made with extra long wooden handles with a combination of natural and synthetic hair. Created to meet the needs of professional artists and day to day makeup users. Choose our professional set or your favorites to add to your existing collection.

Brushes from LEFT to RIGHT
#204 Pro Blush | Black Goat Hair

#202 Pro Foundation | Black Goat Hair 

#108 Pro Large Concealer | Sable Hair

#105 Pro Black Crease | Black Goat Hair 

#104 Pro Eyeliner | Brown Nylon Hair

#106 Pro White Crease | White Goat Hair

#102 Pro Definer | White Goat Hair 

#103 Pro Detail Concealer | 3 Tone Nylon Hair 

#101 Pro Smudge | Brown Pony Hair

#107 Pro Brow | Yellow Nylon Hair